Audio Logos

Professional intros, audio logos and idents for your creative projects,
brands, YouTube videos, commercials and advertising.

Make your YouTube video viral.

Royalty free happy music.

Sunny Day

Fresh, happy and positive tune with ukulele, soft bells and percussion.

Electronic audio logo.

Simple Things

Stylish audio logo with synthesizers and electronic percussion.

Indian intro music.

Mystic Travel

Rhythmic music track with Indian percussion and Oud. Great for intros!

Lounge intro.

Modern Project

Modern intro with synths and sound effects. Great for corporate videos.

Magical piano logo.

Imagine It

Beautiful short piano piece for professional projects and presentations.

Modern intro music.


Electronic intro music suitable for commercials, brands and spots.

Funny music with accordion and castanets.


Funny comedy track featuring accordion, soft bells and castanets.



Cinematic audio logo with powerful rhythmic percussion and male voices.

Jazz intro music.

More than This

Casual track with flute, acoustic percussion and bass. Great for corporate videos.

Happy Cuban track with acoustic piano and percussion.

Stepping Beyond

Happy Cuban track with acoustic piano, trombone and rhythmic percussion.

Dynamic piano track.

Looking for You

Dynamic composition with acoustic piano solo. Sounds dramatic and emotional.



Stylish vocal intro with a beautiful female voice and synthesizers.

Funnt Jazz Intro.

Funny Jazz

Cheerful jazz track featuring acoustic piano, bass clarinet and rhythmic drums.

Comedy Intro.

Comedy Intro

Funny intro with acoustic instruments. Great for comedy and advertising.

Magical orchestral score.

Fantasy Intro

Magical and inspiring score with orchestra, bells and dreamy children's choir.