Royalty Free Cinematic Music

All tracks are free and ready to be used in personal and commercial projects.
Download royalty free music, inspiring film scores for movies, documentaries and epic trailers.

Dark cinematic score.

The Wild Side

Hybrid cinematic score with orchestra and synths. Perfect for trailers and video games.

Classical strings composition.

A Little Bit of Rhythm

Neo-classical composition with rhythmic strings. Suitable for cinematic videos.

Vocal soundtrack.


Emotional hollywood-style composition with female voice, choir and orchestra.

Relaxing soundtrack with strings.


Relaxing royalty free music featuring soft strings and acoustic piano.

Beautiful classical score with mezzo-soprano.


Beautiful classical music with orchestra and mezzo-soprano. Great for films.

Beautiful classical score with mezzo-soprano.

The Funniest Secret

Funny cinematic score with pizzicato, oboe and clarinet. Great for comedy scenes!

Powerful cinematic score with orchestra and choir.

The Revelation

Powerful cinematic score with orchestra and choir. Great for epic trailers and movies.

Strings soundtrack.

Crossing the Universe

Minimalist soundtrack with emotional strings. Great for advertising and spots.

Orchestral soundtrack.

Building Dreams

Beautiful composition with piano and orchestra. For inspirational projects.

Dramatic strings.

Outdated Time

Cinematic score with powerful strings. Sounds passionate and emotional.

Magical orchestral score.

A Wonderful Story

Magical and inspiring music with orchestra, soft bells and children's choir.