Edizioni Brevi - Tracce Ambientali


  Tutte le tracce musicali sono gratuite per uso personale e commerciale.
  Progetti illimitati, in tutto il mondo, per sempre.
  L'ATTRIBUZIONE È OBBLIGATORIA; devi includere "musica da https://www.fiftysounds.com/it/ " sul tuo sito web.
Opera: In Your Hands
Musica di www.fiftysounds.com/it/
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Stylish corporate music with guitars, modern synthesizers and percussion.

Amazing Future SE

Modern ambient track.

Future Plans SE

Soft ambient music for meditations, relaxing videos, stress relief or spa.

Inner Light SE

Relaxing, soft and serene music for meditation videos, documentaries and spas.

The Deepest Ocean SE

Modern and sophisticated track featuring elegant guitars and soft pads.

Time SE

Chill pop song.

Time Flow SE

Romantic track with violins and synths.

A Short Story SE

Quiet and soft music for relaxing videos.

Chill Factor SE 1

Chillout track with whistles, synths and drums.

Chill Factor SE 2

Ambient music for corporate projects.

Good Times SE

Romantic music with guitars; for emotive projects.

Keep Smiling SE

Lounge theme with electronic percussion and synths.

Night in Lounge SE

Chillout track for relaxing and emotional moments.

Northern Lights SE