Popular Free Music

The most popular royalty free music: pop tunes, piano, audio logos,
corporate tracks, cinematic scores and more.

Lounge track.

Make It Happen

Fresh and motivational tune with funny ukulele, whistle and bells.

Relaxing vocal song.


Relaxing vocal track with beautiful female voice and magical synths.

Casual pop song.

Acid Place

Casual funk track featuring acoustic piano, rhythmic guitar and bass.

Cinematic composition.

The Beginning

Sentimental track with acoustic piano solo. Suitable for drama and romance.

Dark cinematic score.

The Wild Side

Hybrid cinematic score with orchestra and synths. Perfect for trailers and video games.

Lounge intro.

Modern Project

Modern intro with synths and sound effects. Great for corporate videos.

Motivational pop song.

Connecting Dreams

Sophisticated electronic track featuring a beautiful female voice and synths.

Electronic track.

It Starts Here

Electronic track featuring powerful synthesizers. Great for adverts and spots.

Funny children song.

Dogs and Cats

Funny song for kids, featuring pizzicato, bells and guitar. Great for cartoons.

Classical strings composition.

A Little Bit of Rhythm

Neo-classical composition with rhythmic strings. Suitable for cinematic videos.

Emotional piano composition for films and slideshows.

A Long Walk

Relaxing piano composition; sounds romantic, elegant and emotional.

Free pop music to download.

The Best Time

Motivational and positive pop tune featuring acoustic guitar, piano and drums.

Funny Comedy music.

Russian Doll

Beautiful tune featuring female voice, acoustic guitar and percussion.



Motivational track with acoustic piano, drums and vintage guitars.

Electronic soundscape.


Electronic soundscape with synths. Sounds elegant and sophisticated.

Funny acoustic instrumental.

Lady Bottle's Waltz

Funny acoustic tune. Great for comedy videos, cinematic projects and commercials.