Royalty Free Ambient Music

Relaxing ambient music, powerful beats and electronic textures. Enjoy this stylish and elegant music collection,
free for commercial use, suitable for documentaries, backgrounds, spots and presentations.

Promote your YouTube video.

Chill pop song.

Time Flow

Downtempo track featuring piano and female voice. Great for casual videos.

Chill pop song.

Always Moving Forward

Ambient track with vintage guitar, synths and percussion.

Stylish instrumental featuring modern pads.

Infinity Horizons

Stylish instrumental featuring modern pads, synthesizers and percussion.

Elegant ambient track with smooth synthesizers.


Elegant ambient track with smooth synthesizers and electronic percussion.

Relaxing vocal song.


Relaxing vocal song with beautiful female voice and magical synths.

Modern ambient track.

Future Plans

Uplifting, inspiring tune for corporate videos, marketing and advertising.

Royalty free ambient music.

Stay With Me

Romantic track featuring vintage guitars, synthesizers and soft percussion.

Sophisticated track perfect for corporate videos.

In Motion

Sophisticated track perfect for corporate videos, spots and creative marketing.