Loops Musicais

Loops musicais livres de royalties em diferentes estilos: acústico, pop, infantil, eletrônico...
Baixe agora esses loops musicais perfeitos para projetos que precisam de música de fundo contínua.


  Gratuito para uso pessoal e comercial.
  Projetos ilimitados, em todo o mundo, para sempre.
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Faixa; In Your Hands
Musica di www.fiftysounds.com/pt/
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Rhythmic loop track with guitar, bass and drums.

Road Trip L1

Royalty free looping background music with synths.

Neon Lights L2

Royalty free looping background music for videos.

Genuine L2

Dynamic cinematic loop with acoustic piano and strings.

Broken Silence L1

Children loop with ukulele.

A Day to Remember L1

Royalty free loop with acoustic percussion and guitar.

Traditions L2

Loopable background music for media projects.

At First Sight L2

Loop with rhythmic synths and percussion.

Urban Lifestyle L1

Loop music with acoustic piano, organ and percussion.

Time Flow L1

Funny loop with orchestra.

The Art of Discretion L1

Funny and rhythmic loop with percussion and bells.

A Dog's Life L1

Magical loop with tubular bells and harp.

Winter Song L1

Acoustic background music in loop.

Different L1

Rhythmic electronic loop with synthesizers and percussion.

High Fidelity L1

Ambient loop perfect as background music.

Night and Day L1

Minimalist cinematic loop.

Random Sequences L1

Loop track for kids with acoustic instruments.

Faster! L1

Ethnic background music.

Dancing with the Fire L1

Acoustic loop with soft flutes and strings.

Perspectives L2

Funny and cheerful track for corporate videos and spots.

Popcorn L1