Short Edits

Short editions and versions of some of the songs in the catalog, including 30- and 60-second tracks, as well as minor variations in the structure of the music tracks.

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Positive and inspiring tune with ukulele.

A Day to Remember SE

Positive and inspiring tune with ukulele.

Happy kids music.

A Dog's Life SE

Funny and different tune, featuring flute and clarinet.

Emotional piano composition for films and slideshows.

A Long Walk SE

Relaxing and sweet score; sounds romantic!.

Carefree, optimistic tune featuring ukulele, whistle, bells and acoustic percussion.

A World of Color SE

Carefree, optimistic tune with ukulele and whistle.

Positive music.

A Part of Us SE

Cheerful and positive music for corporate videos.

Magical Celtic composition.

Returning Home SE

Celtic composition with emotional cello and harp.

Casual pop song.

Acid Place SE

Casual funk track with acoustic piano and guitar.

Emotional Japanese track with shakuhachi.

Ancestral Spirits SE

Emotional Japanese track with delicate shakuhachi.

Beautiful classical score with mezzo-soprano.

Toujours SE

Beautiful classical score with mezzo-soprano.

Stylish corporate music with guitars, modern synthesizers and percussion.

Amazing Future SE

Stylish corporate music with guitars and synths.

Emotive Celtic composition.

Echoes of Ireland SE

Magical Celtic composition with ethnic flutes.

Track with arabic and persian instruments, such as kanún, ney, saz or tambur.

Alliances SE

Track with arabic and persian instruments.

Powerful pop track with electric guitar.

Cloudless Days SE

This motivational pop track is an excellent choice!.

Funny children song.

Dogs and Cats SE

Cheerful song for children, with pizzicato and bells.

Upbeat and lively pop tune featuring acoustic and vintage guitars and drums.

Feel the Energy SE

Upbeat and lively pop tune with guitars and drums.

Electronic track.

First Class SE

Modern track, excellent choice for fashion.

Modern ambient track.

Future Plans SE

Uplifting, inspiring tune for corporate videos.

Modern ambient track.

Good Night Moon, Good Night Stars SE

Sweet lullaby for kids.

Happy, carefree track with funny flute, bass clarinet and mixed percussion.

Good Vibes SE

Funny easy listening song with acoustic instruments.

Positive and inspiring music featuring ukulele, bells and percussion.

Happy Day SE

Positive and inspiring music with ukulele and bells.